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Our Background

We believe that implementation of 3D BIM software will change the way the construction industry works, and we understand one important part of the BIM concept is collaboration. Our idea was founded at a buildingSmart Conference in January 2012 when the construction industry called out for intuitive open BIM software that was easily understood by those working on building sites. We decided to focus on MOBILE FIRST, which allows you to invite all team members to collaborate around the 3D BIM model for your project, no matter what kind of device they are using.

From the very beginning we focused on user experience and design. We spent a lot of time on construction sites, in site offices, and in design offices. We interviewed the decision makers and users. We observed them at work; received their feedback, ideas, and comments; tested mock-ups and re-tested these with users. We have organized workshops and worked shoulder to shoulder with people on sites while developing StreamBIM. All along we had only one goal: to develop the most intuitive and user-friendly 3D BIM software that works on mobile devices and tablets.

We will always be committed to working closely with our customers and users because our ambition is to be the preferred 3D BIM software for everyone working in the construction industry.

More than 12 500 StreamBIM users

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Our Team


Ole Kristian Kvarsvik

Managing Director

Christoffer Henne


Andrea Dallera

Full stack developer

Kristian Samuelsen

Head of Sales, Sweden

Robin Grønvold

Sales and Marketing Director, Norway

Lirian Rusiti

Bim Advisor & Head of Support

Keri Korteling

Marketing Communications Manager North America


At Rendra, our team is passionate and motivated to put all of our knowledge into our software and proud of our tradition of excellent service!

We dare to be different and to think unconventionally. We listen to our customers and constantly develop improvements and new features for StreamBIM based on user feedback.

We are a small, diverse team: industrial designers, BIM technicians, software developers, marketers, sales people, support, and accountants – an entrepreneurial mix of experience and innovation. Some of our senior developers have extensive experience in software development, visualization, and 3D technology within other industries. We organize our product development within a cross-disciplinary scrum team.

We are digital doers and we are passionate about the opportunities being created by 3D BIM in the construction industry. In addition to developing and designing StreamBIM, we act as consultants and advisors; we offer group training to help you get started with using 3D BIM.

Rendra AS became a part of the JDM Technology Group in January 2018. JDM Technology Group is a privately-owned global software business focused on delivering business software systems for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Our office is in Strandveien 37 at Lysaker, just outside Oslo. We also have an office in Trekronergade 110 in Copenhagen and you can learn about StreamBIM by contacting Pro-Consult AS in Ringtunveien 5, 1712 Grålum.

You are always welcome to visit us.

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