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"You don't need to be an IT-specialist in order to understand how to use StreamBIM, and users can learn this without having to take a class."

– Örn Erlendsson, Environmental Project and BIM Manager, FSR Iceland’s state construction agency

"It is extraordinary for us to have access to the 3D model for all disciplines, in combination with easy access to all the drawings when we are on the building site."

- Markus Berget, Caverion, a Helsinki based designer and builder of energy-efficient building services 

"StreamBIM is a very intuitive and user-friendly software that gives very easy access to both drawings and processed 3D BIM in the same user interface for both large and small buildings."

– Lars Abrahamsen, project manager, Sykehusbygg, Norway’s hospital construction agency

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"After spending a lot of time testing out different BIM Software, we have concluded that StreamBIM is the most flexible and user-friendly 3D BIM software platform there is."

– Cato Hoel, BIM Manager Backe AS, construction services company

Do you want to have access to all 3D BIM models and project drawings on site?

StreamBIM has more than 12 000 users

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