StreamBIM day ‒ Stockholm 2022

Ole Kristian Kvarsvik presents the importance of easy access to correct and relevant data in your projects.

On December 1st, we organized the Swedish version of the StreamBIM day, a half-day seminar with insanely interesting speakers and audience! Thank you Byggstyrning, Per Höglin and Johannes Ris for sharing your knowledge and experience, an enormous inspiration for the entire industry!

Johannes Ris and Per Höglin inspires the audinence with their use of StreamBIM in their projects.

Thank you Tikab, Johan Stribeck for being able to jump in at short notice to deliver a fantastic post about the industry's development over the last 30 years and for sharing your journey with us all! A true godfather in BIMS Sweden.

Johan Stribeck is happy that we finally have a good solution for data-centric production and management in the AEC industry.

And finally, a big thanks to Takenaka Corporation, Hiroaki Yamasaki and Shojiro Taira for a hugely inspiring post about the implementation of StreamBIM in gigantic organizations!

Hiroaki Yamasaki and Shojiro Taira share their experience of implementing StreamBIM in their organization and vision for the future.

And as a perfect ending to the evening... Japan played against Spain in the Footbal World Championship, where most of the participants joined a local sportsbar to support the Japanese delegation. The match ended 2-1 to Japan and resulted in a group victory for Japan.

The atmosphere was fantastic, congratulations Japan!

Thank you to everyone who wanted to come, and welcome to part 2 which we will send invitations to soon!