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StreamBIM Day – packed with business and pleasure

StreamBIM Day was a celebration of our hard work and close co-operation with our customers and partners: a nice start to the global phase of StreamBIM.

Customers, collaborators, owners, and employees met for a very informative and enjoyable day at Aker Brygge, Oslo’s attractive seaside, with lunch and presentations, before a social gathering with great food and drinks onboard SS Christiania in the beautiful Oslo Fjord.

We grow with our customers

Rendra’s CEO, Kristin Omholt-Jensen, welcomed our guests with graphs that point steeply upward showing StreamBIM’s strong growth during the past eight months. We will continue the fruitful cooperation with our customers and partners.

Open BIM is a necessity

Open BIM of one of the key technical foundations in StreamBIM, which is built on a special streaming technology. We also emphasize great user-friendliness. Our software is easy to use, regardless of device or BIM expertise. Special Advisor Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen from Sykehusbygg, the government-owned company responsible for building hospitals in Norway, and one of the first to implement StreamBIM says: “As a major public enterprise with construction projects totalling as much as NOK 8 billion per year, we can’t risk being locked into proprietary formats, as we must be able to communicate with all in a long-term perspective.” The company has established a national strategy for using open BIM.

“With many early-stage projects and extensive user processes with many people involved, communication around floor plans is extremely important. In this way we find the best functional solutions before we start the construction phase, which reduces construction errors substantially.”

The hospital builder now tests StreamBIM in user interactions and it sees great potential in the combination of 3D BIM models and 2D floor plans to simplify users’ orientation and perception of the projects.

Long term ownership

Vice President of Corporate Development for JDM Technology David McFarlane


The McFarlane family, which owns the JDM Technology Group, came all the way from Vancouver, Canada to present their vision of providing the construction industry with the best digital tools available. Today they represent 16 independent software companies with more than ten thousand customers in all parts of the world.

“We have never sold a company we have purchased. Our policy is to buy and build companies and good software for the global construction industry,” said Vice President David McFarlane.

Standardization of information exchange

Open BIM makes it possible to integrate different software products in all parts of a project. CoBuilder gave us insight into its new platform, which it plans to launch during the fourth quarter. The company offers proprietary standardized IT solutions for interaction with and distribution of product data to all stages of the value chain in the construction industry.

“The effect of using standardized information is significant in an industry with a major impact on both the global economy and the environment,” said CEO Lars Fredenlund of CoBuilder Norway.

“It was very fun to see StreamBIM and hear from customers who use the solution. This shows in practice that the use of digital solutions can simplify and improve the construction industry. Extra fun to see that Rendra has ambitions to take a role in the marketplace outside of Norway,” added Fredenlund.

Open BIM is being studied in the construction industry

Construction company Backe Entreprenør currently uses StreamBIM in all its projects and has an ambitious strategy to digitize all work processes in the group by 2020. The contractor is an active contributor in various organizations such as EBA (Norwegian Contractors Association) and makes its building sites available for StreamBIM’s ongoing product research. Backe Entreprenør, Lean Communications, SINTEF Digital, and BI Norwegian Business School will receive NOK 15.7 million over four years from the Research Council through the BIA program to their DigiBuild project, which will fortify the construction process. They already have seen great savings as the result of using StreamBIM on the building sites.

For the research project, the group targeted 33 per cent cost reduction, 50 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions, and 50 per cent faster project implementation, Backe’s Digitalization Manager Mårten Skällenäs explained.

“The StreamBIM Day is a unique arena to discuss digitization opportunities across roles in the industry. A great opportunity to gain insight into how others digitalize their business processes,” said Skällenäs. “We’ll be back next year,” he added.

StreamBIM Sales Manager knows the software by experience

Our Sales Director for Nordic Markets, Markus Berget, is a former Project Manager at Caverion. He embraced StreamBIM early as a tool in his own daily work. Being able to document discrepancies quickly and easily by taking photos that are directly tagged to objects, rooms, floors, and buildings saves a lot of time and makes checklists unnecessary. The Labour Inspectorate has applauded such solutions for environmental and safety reasons. “It is as easy as it gets. After all, we are out there to do a job, not to fill out papers,” said Markus, who has lengthy experience working on construction sites.

Markus Berget, Head of Sales for Nordic Markets presents at StreamBIM Day


High competence and safety

StreamBIM is developed by an interdisciplinary team. We have experienced and skilled back end developers, and great expertise in the possibilities of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) formats, as well as leading edge front end development expertise and clever UX designers.

UX and front-end developers Christoffer Henne and Johan Røed demonstrate the first test scenarios at the construction site.


It has taken some time to develop a user-friendly 3D BIM tool for use on building sites, for all platforms, not least because we have very strict data security requirements. “The I in BIM means information, and since users have a varied degree of software knowledge, it just has to work and be easy to understand,” say UX and front-end developers Johan Røed and Christoffer Henne, who have been part of the team since the beginning.

They presented the development leading up to today’s StreamBIM with a skit to demonstrate how observations of building site work processes have been an important part of product development. StreamBIM is designed to be used quickly, easily, and efficiently by anyone, regardless of profession. As a digital tool, it should not take the power from workers. On the contrary. Our goal is to provide builders with a tool that upgrades them to be better at what they do, Johan and Christoffer pointed out.

Open doors and smiles!

“It’s a big day for the entire StreamBIM team. Getting where we are today has not been easy. We are very grateful for having received solid support from our customers through a long development. Now we are looking forward to building an organization that reaches internationally. We have just opened an office in Sweden and will now set up a team in the UK and Ireland too,” concluded an enthusiastic Kristin Omholt-Jensen.

“It’s not hard to be a fan of team StreamBIM. It is a competent team with a user-friendly product, amazing service and follow-up. Always open doors and smiles! I’ll be joining next year too,” said BIM coordinator Aileen Tveiten.

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