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Three Ways to Use StreamBIM for QA

StreamBIM provides opportunities to simplify working methods and we see that our customers on different projects have different methods using StreamBIM to work efficiently. StreamBIM customers use the app in many innovative ways in their Quality Assurance process.

Our customers make many workflows in a project, so they can easily sort different types of captures that are created and quickly find them when the project has created a lot of captures by the end of the project’s timeline. Here are three ways to use StreamBIM to QA.

  1. Make a digital checklist in StreamBIM: instead of using traditional paper checklists and risking losing them, tearing them, or spilling water or coffee on them, make a digital checklist by uploading a PDF-file. For a worker on the construction site, it’s beneficial to have all necessary documents easily available on a digital device instead of having to walk around with a stack of papers that often get worn after a while or needing to go to a specific place to get/change the documents when they are updated.
  2. Create groups and workflows in StreamBIM to efficiently assign work or changes. An administrator can create groups in a project and distribute the users into the different groups. By creating workflows that are relevant to the different groups, a user within the group can create a capture and tag the members of the group or describe work that needs to be done or changed and set a deadline. Those in the tagged group that gets tagged will receive a notification on their phone/tablet of the capture and promptly begin the requested work. The persons/groups that have a capture assigned to them can comment on it and take picture to document how something looks before/after testing or fixing something regarding to that capture.
  3. Document work behind the wall. It’s very valuable for a worker who has work to do inside a wall (for example an electrician or plumber) before the wall is closed. They simply document how the work is done and add a picture that shows how it really looks. Any created capture is very easy to find in the model and on the construction site as you get the information of the location directly linked to the BIM. The video below illustrates how:

As an electrician, my personal experience using StreamBIM was very positive. I only used StreamBIM for 3 weeks at the construction site before I started working for Rendra in customer service. I really wish we had started using this tool much earlier in my time as an electrician. It simplified my work in many ways and saved me a lot of time. To me, StreamBIM was like replacing 100 tools from my toolbox with a single one that could do the same. You don’t have to replace anything, you already have it in your pocket.

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