“What's extraordinary for us is to be out in the field and have easy streaming access to the 3D model in combination with all the drawings.”
Markus Berget, Site Manager, Caverion Trondheim Norway

How Fast BIM Software Helped Construction of an Energy Lab from Start to Finish

At Caverion, a Helsinki-based company that designs, builds, and maintains energy-efficient building systems, StreamBIM (formerly Rendra O) has been used since 2013 on several projects. Construction manager Markus Berget’s first project using StreamBIM was the SINTEF Energy Laboratory in Trondheim. Work on SINTEF was completed much faster and more efficiently with user-friendly StreamBIM software.

SINTEF Energy Laboratory was handed over to the building owner in September 2015, but Berget says that he and his colleagues wanted to continue working with the user-friendly software. StreamBIM is still in use at SINTEF as a document archive of construction work, inspections, as well as for warranties.

“With all of the information about the building available on a handheld device, we can solve conversion and rehabilitation very quickly without having to look for files in folders,” says Berget. Real-time streaming of the 3D BIM model on mobile devices improves the efficiency of the construction project and ensures an optimal life cycle for building and technical installations.

Markus Berget is a Site Manager, and Tore Almås, is a Foreman (plumbing), Caverion Trondheim


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