Simple process – sophisticated result

When the Celsius project is complete in 2020/2021, the 10 000 m(107,640 square feet) building will house 500 employees and advanced scientific labs. 

Considering that it all takes place in Uppsala Science Park, an area for innovative businesses, it’s only right that the building methodology is forward-focussed too. There are no paper drawings on this building site; StreamBIM takes care of everything needed for construction on site. 

Richard Lundin, site manager at Byggstyrning, explains that the project team works exclusively with tablets, smartphones and big screens. With StreamBIM, there’s no limit to what they can show or hide, and they can extract precisely the information they need. 

“It’s live all the time. The question appears and the answer shows up just moments after.”

The biggest benefit from using StreamBIM? That depends on who you ask. 

“I always carry the model with me,” says project leader Anders Boström. He uses StreamBIM predominantly for showing others the specifics of the project. Having access to an always-up-to-date model is a game changer.

StreamBIM makes everyone’s lives easier on the construction site. 

“We usually say that if it doesn’t exist in StreamBIM, it is not to be built. That’s the level we’re at,” says Per Höglin, BIM-manager at Tikab. 

“Coordination is a lot simpler.”

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