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World’s tallest wooden tower built using StreamBIM

Mjøstårnet will soon become the tallest wooden building in the world. Currently under construction using StreamBIM software, it will be 85 meters tall with around 8000 metres of space on 18 floors when completed in the spring of 2019. The tower is located in Brumunddal, Norway on the banks of Mjøsa lake. GK, a main facility manager and contractor in Scandinavia which uses StreamBIM, is the total contractor of technology, and is responsible for the complexities of the ventilation system, as well as other building systems

To ensure that Mjøstårnet is in full compliance with strict fire safety rules, the building must be able to withstand a full fire for at least two hours without collapse. As a result, the stipulations for ventilation systems are particularly stringent. Special requirements for pipe penetration, fire tightening, and distance to wood materials affect the overall technical systems as well as co-ordination between the different disciplines.

Built Using StreamBIM

The building’s interior is complex with many technical installations to be completed in small spaces. StreamBIM provides full overview and control of the project. Project Manager Jøstein Sørum says, “We were very dependent on the 3D model to avoid collisions when installing the ventilation pipes.” Eventually it will serve multiple uses, including offices, a hotel, and apartments.

Click here to see a video tour of Mjøsa Tower.

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