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"StreamBIM is a BIM based and datacentric collaboration platform for the AEC industry. Customers value our user-friendly interface that enables easy implementation in any project or organization." "StreamBIM makes BIM collaboration and datamining easy. Our platform runs on any device, ensuring that information flows freely from the design- office to the construction site. Plan and coordinate design in real-time using BIM coordination, punch lists, production planning, issue management and more." "Use StreamBIM on site! It’s easy to manage QA, Health and Safety and production progress with our Capture and Checklist modules. With StreamBIM, all your 3D models and production drawings are just a few finger strokes away on any device." "Are you missing vital dimensions on production drawing? With StreamBIM’s precise measuring tool you can find the measurements you want when and wherever you need them, on your computer, phone or tablet, paving the way for drawing free projects." "Our innovative streaming technology enables you to spin, inspect and query gigabytes of BIM files, point-clouds or dwg’s on your smartphone or tablet with ease. No project is too large and complex for true BIM collaboration in StreamBIM." "With our powerful “Realtime quantity takeoff” from models and easy integration with 3rd party software, we enable companies to take control of their highly valuable data."

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