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Skanska's focus on digital tools has for a long time had as its overarching goal to replace all manual IT- work with smarter software. With the aim of creating a workflow that saves time, reduces costs, increases quality and removes all types of "paper" from the process. Including post-it notes throughout the design and production- drawings for use - and trouble - on the construction site.

- If you ask me, the elegance of StreamBIM lies in the fact that everything is gathered in one place. In the self-explanatory interface you will find all the tools and aids you may need. On one and the same easy-to-navigate surface. Being able to collect as much as possible in one solution is worth its weight in gold. - says Bogsti.

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Celsius was completed in 2021. The 10,000 m2 building houses 500 employees and advanced research laboratories.

Considering that it all takes place in the Uppsala Science Park, an area for innovation companies, the only thing missing was that the construction process itself also has a foot in the future. StreamBIM takes care of that.

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“An open BIM makes it easy to involve people with different knowledge and responsibilities. By using StreamBIM in the planning phase as well as throughout the production, we will create a digital twin documenting all the work which is done and allows traceability on building components. This is amazing compared to the previous way we completed a handover. In the past we received thick paper document folders from the main contractors, which we never use because the information we need is difficult to search for.”

– Kristian Brandseth, Project Manager with Helse Bergen's BUS 2 Project

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The Ensjø Torg project consists of eight construction stages and 630 apartments. It's fully possible to digitize demanding construction projects.

– Kristian Bakkejord is Design manager at Skanska, and is responsible for all engineering and progress in the project. The project is developed according to VDC methodology with BIM as a central element, together with involving planning and a meeting methodology we call ICE. The focus is as much on work processes as tools, it's about technology and collaboration between people.

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Constructa reports significant savings during the construction of Åsane High School.

– Quality manager Ingrid Oliva Småbrekke acknowledges that it may take a little extra time to understand how the 3D model works, but overall there is little doubt that she sees the value of the new way of working.

- What we save in time and money by not having to build incorrectly is so much greater, she notes and predicts a digital future for the construction industry.

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"We especially like to see how quickly we were able to process the BIM models. We found StreamBIM easy to use and intuitive. You do not need to be an Information and Communication Technology specialist to understand how to use this software and to learn how to extract important information, you just figure it out yourself. This is why we use StreamBIM and why StreamBIM has become so popular within our projects.”

– Örn Erlendsson, Environmental Project Manager and BIM Contact, FSR

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